Backstage with Baldy

Adelaide – March 1st

There are plenty of reasons to love Mike Inez, but today I’d like to focus on one thing he did that helped make my day better.

There are a few genres of music represented on this travelling festival, but the majority of the bands play some form of hard rock or metal.
So if I had to put a number on it as far as a percentage goes, I’d have to say that about 99.9 percent of everyone backstage is wearing black. If they’re not head to toe in it, then it at least takes up the vast majority of their wardrobe (and hair for that matter. There’s an assload of unnaturally jet black hair running around)
So I found it extremely refreshing after the show today when Mike stumbled upon a small pile of shirts in the dressing room that someone had left behind for the band in Melbourne at the previous show.
He tried on one that was extremely tropical. It was bright blue, with little pictures of islands all over it. Basically it was something you’d see on a tourist in Hawaii, not backstage at a rock festival.
We were getting ready to leave for the airport (more on that later), so Mike unfortunately didn’t have a ton of time to sport his new look on the festival grounds.
But he kept the shirt on.
I even snapped a photo of him and John 5 on the way out just to accentuate the dichotomy that I’m talking about here.
DSC02855 copy

It was a weird day as far as travelling goes.
We woke up in Melbourne, flew to Adelaide, arrived on site about 3 hours before Alice’s set time, played the gig, took off back to the airport, and flew to Perth.

The flights between cities on this festival are filled with band and crew members, and it’s a sight to behold.
It basically looks like a modern day 100 member travelling Manson family, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Qantas Airlines sends a hazmat team with a steel drum of Lysol onto the plane once we disembark to scrub the hair dye and tattoo residue out of the seats.

I love music, and I especially love the kind of music that’s being played at this festival. And I really have no problem with the wardrobe choices that the bands and crews choose to make.
But for some reason, when it’s taken off of a festival site and dropped in an airport in massive numbers, it just kind of gives me the creeps.
Sometimes you can just have too much of a good thing.
It’s kind of like delicious Diet Mountain Dew. It’s the single greatest beverage in the history of thirst-quenching, but I don’t want to drink 100 cans at once.
Actually grown men dressed in black and covered in tattoos is nothing like Diet Mountain Dew, and that was a terrible analogy.

So let me digress and get back to my original point.
For a few hours, Mike Inez was a little smiling blue island in a sea of black today, and I just wanted to recognize his brave fashion choice and thank him for it.


Backstage With Baldy

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