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Backstage with Baldy

Baldy’s Blog: The New

Research is a wonderful thing. It can teach us where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s given us cures to horrific diseases, and it’s brought us over 35 different flavors of Mountain Dew. And now it’s shown us that more and more people are logging on to from their phones.

So with that fact in mind, the website has been streamlined and simplified. Everything you need is still here, it’s just basically been cleaned up, much like an accused felon going to trial or a stripper going to her boyfriend’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving.

Over the coming weeks and months, will continue to be the place to come for band news, touring information, and the occasional photo of the guys sitting in the dressing room staring blankly into space.

As things ramp up to the release of the new album, we hope you’ll continue to visit the site. Click some buttons. Join the discussion boards. Be a part of this.

I’m pretty sure that in a few years the research will show that visiting the site raises your IQ and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

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Backstage With Baldy

Joensuu – July 13th

Who knows where Thomas Edison was when he invented the phonograph? Or where Leonard Rivkin was when he invented the child safety seat? All I know is that Sean Kinney & Jerry Cantrell were backstage at the Ilosaarirock Festival in...

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