Backstage with Baldy

Basel – July 4th

It’s Metallica’s world, and we just live in it.

Alice In Chains played their second Sonisphere show with Metallica on Friday.

It was held at St. Jakobs Park, a football stadium in Basel, Switzerland, and if black t-shirts and beer were currency, that stadium would have held enough money to build an escalator to the moon.

There are plenty of Alice In Chains fans out there that are passionate about the band, and that’s awesome.

But wherever you go, and no matter what band you’re in, Metallica fans outnumber you 10 to 1.

We got back to the dressing room after the set, and Sean & William were commenting on the show.

William said, “Wow, that was like sprinting uphill with weights on your shoulders in 100 degree heat”, to which Sean replied, “The Swiss were very neutral about our band.”

And that kind of sums up the day.

It’s not like the guys had a bad show, or that the fans were even bad.

It’s just that Metallica fans are there to see Metallica.

There were pockets of fans scattered throughout the stadium that were going nuts for Alice, and as I walked around during the set I noticed most people paying attention and getting into it, they just weren’t going crazy.

It’s kind of like going out to dinner and being extremely excited about the main course you just ordered.

The salad comes and it’s one of the best you’ve ever had, but you’re really focused on the filet mignon that’s coming up next.

Did I really just compare Alice In Chains to a side salad?

I did, and I’m sorry.

But I’m trying to give a little perspective to what we witnessed tonight.

Sean, Mike, Jerry, & I stuck around to watch Metallica, and we were perched up in the little viewing area on the right side of the stage.

We’ve all seen them a million times before, and you know what?

I’ve seen the sun set a million times, but that doesn’t keep a really good one from blowing me away still.

And Metallica blew me away.

And the Swiss fans blew me away as well.

We were talking about it afterward when Sean said, “If James told everyone to leave the stadium and go burn the town down, they’d do it.”

Then I mentioned that if Metallica formed their own political party, they could start taking over entire countries.

Their fan base is so loyal and so rabid after all these years, it’s almost scary.

So beware, nations of the world, the Metallicrats are amassed, drunk, dressed in black t-shirts, and poised to conquer.

Resistance is futile…



Backstage With Baldy

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