Backstage with Baldy

Birmingham – April 30th

I’m a firm believer in a person owning up to his or her mistakes.
It’s not always easy to admit you blew it, but fessing up and trying to make things right is important.
The upside of making a mistake when you work for this band and you happen to be me is that the band absolutely loves it.
Mike in particular gets a look of such absolute bliss on his face when I do something dumb that it almost makes it worthwhile. Almost.

The stupider I get, the better they like it, so this evening they were overjoyed.
Without boring you with too many details, I somehow managed to screw up a three person meet & greet, and I’m not going to live it down for a long time.

Over the last several tours I’ve helped coordinate and run the band’s meet & greets, and generally they go pretty smoothly.
On this run of shows, we’re only doing meet & greets with radio station contest winners, so it’s a bit different than how we did things back in 2010.
So far, the ones we’ve done have numbered about 20 people, so a three person meet & greet was an afterthought.
And yet somehow I managed to bring four people back to meet the band, three of which weren’t technically supposed to be there.
Then, when it was over and I was walking the people back to the door, I was met by a security guard who informed me that two people were outside the door waiting for me to bring them to the meet & greet.
By that time the band had scattered, my first group was still in the backstage hallway, and the guys I was supposed to originally bring back had been waiting patiently wondering what in the hell was going on.
Eventually, after breaking into a flop sweat and Usain Bolting like a maniac through the venue looking for Jerry & William, meet & greet #2 was in the books.
All that was left was for word to spread and for the insults to start flying, so I beat the band to the punch and went into our production office and confessed to my co-workers, then made my way back to the dressing room and let the guys hammer me.
It was a joyous verbal dog-pile, with all four band members laying into me. At one point our tour manager Chuck came into the room and literally fell on the floor laughing.

In our tour itinerary, I’m listed as the Assistant Tour Manager.
I think maybe for the next tour I’ll ask that it be switched to Band Punching Bag, or maybe just Comic Relief.


Backstage With Baldy

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