Backstage with Baldy

Bristow – August 16th

Tonight’s show at the Jiffy Lube Amphitheater in Bristow wasn’t bad, but to the extent that things went wrong; I take the blame.
First off, what went wrong?
As Jerry said after the show in the dressing room; “everything”.
From guitars going out of tune to a snare drum problem to bass issues to a vocal mix-up, no one came out of this gig unscathed.
And it wasn’t like it was a lousy show, but in a perfect world (which it never is when it comes to live music) these problems wouldn’t arise.

So how did I jinx the show?
One word: Chicago.
As the immortal Eddie Vedder so eloquently sang years ago, “thoughts arrive like butterflies”.
Well, so do songs by the band Chicago.
I’m not sure why it popped in my head, but the classic Chicago ballad “If You Leave Me Now” affixed itself to my brain shortly before showtime.

Two things you should know about me:
1) I’m in the dressing room leading up to showtime.
2) Although my voice sucks, if I have a schmaltzy soft rock tune from the 70’s stuck in my head, I’m gonna sing it.
So I uncorked it, and the hypnotic powers of the song immediately took hold, as William and Mike both launched into it with me right away.
Jerry and Sean may have opted out of joining in, but there’s no doubt that they heard the soothing chorus.
And just like that, I’d stripped the band of the laser focus they usually have before going on stage.
Instead of getting their game face on and concentrating on going out and slaying it, they were suddenly all mellowed out and relaxed.
Chicago will do that to a person.
If I’d unleashed “25 or 6 To 4”, it may have been another story, but you can’t control it when a song pops in your head.
Much like unwarranted advice, or a screaming hot STD, all you can do is pass it on to someone else.
Which is what I did to the band.
And if you’re familiar with the song, I’ve just done it to you.
And if you don’t happen to know the song, just google it, sit back, and let the laid back sounds wash over you.

You’re welcome.
(Or, I’m sorry. Whichever applies)


Backstage With Baldy

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