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Backstage with Baldy

Dallas – August 28th

Much like the rest of America, the members of Alice In Chains discussed the MTV Music Video Awards show that aired last weekend, and the controversy generated by Miley Cyrus.

And the consensus was…..yawn.

You’d think America hadn’t seen a 20 year old brat sing off key and dance like a skank before.

We get it kid, you’re all growed up. Now put your tongue back in your mouth and go yell at your soundman for not having your Auto-tune dialed in properly.

Within the course of that conversation (and many others we’ve had) came the topic of popular music.

And then the bitching began.

Alice In Chains was the flavor of the month at one point. They were MTV darlings once. They’ve had the glare of the international spotlight on them.

The only difference was that they were a real band, writing, recording and performing real music.


With no digital help. And no choreography. And no team of stylists, and songwriters, and Swedish über-producers.

At one point during our collective gripe-fest, I said that I felt like an old fart doing nothing but moaning about how badly current popular music sucks.

But Jerry brought up the fact that we’ve been having these discussions forever, and that a ton of popular music sucked pretty hard 20 years ago too.

And then he made the very salient point about the grumbling we’ve been doing for years: “When you’re in your 20’s, it’s angst. When you’re in your mid-40’s, you’re an angry old man. But it’s all the same.”

And that made me feel better.

And he’s right. We should all feel better.

At times throughout our lives we’ve been annoyed by stuff, angry at stuff, and pissed off at stuff.

It’s just now that we’ve reached this age threshold, we tend to self-examine a bit more, and wonder if we’ve fallen out of touch.

But dammit, Dr. Cantrell’s diagnosis is dead-on, and Miley Cyrus and Juicy J are as lame to my ears now as Color Me Badd and Diamond D were back in 1993.

And dammit, I’m not an old out of touch geezer. I’ve just been watching and listening to shitty music top the charts for decades now.

And it’s annoying.

But at least I get to watch the remedy every night.

It helps to know that someone’s out there still doing things the right way.

(With their tongues firmly tucked inside their mouths)


Backstage With Baldy

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