Backstage with Baldy

Darien Lake – August 11th

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but people get kicked out of rock shows for any number of reasons; sneaking backstage, getting too drunk and causing a disturbance, getting caught with drugs, and so on and so forth and etc…
Well, now someone has gone and gotten themselves kicked out of a show for parading around with a disparaging sign about the new Alice In Chains album.
Now that’s a first.

I only saw it briefly as the guy was holding it up out in the crowd, and I didn’t have time to fully read it before it was taken away from him.
Mike then came over to me on the side of the stage and asked me to go out and grab the sign, so I took off and caught up with security as they were escorting the guy out.
The security guard handed the sign over to me and I read it as I walked back to the stage.
It was long enough that I’ve forgotten most of it already, but in a nutshell, it called the new album “lifeless”.

For the record, just in case this blog happens to make it’s way onto the screen of the guy who had the sign; the band didn’t have you kicked out. The band didn’t even know you were getting kicked out.
I’m not even sure who made the call, but it was a foregone conclusion by the time I made it out there, so I just got the sign and went back to the stage.
Thankfully this all went down during the last song of the set, because this is America after all, and a person has the right to say whatever they want, and the guy shouldn’t have been booted out in my opinion.(or the band’s opinion, for that matter)
At least he only missed half of a song.

As Mike laughingly said in the dressing room after the show, “The first sign we see all tour, and it’s one that says our album sucks”.
And Mike actually kept the sign. He thought it was funny.

So although I back the sign-maker’s right to express his opinion, it was kind of a dickish move.
It would be one thing if he showed up, had some drinks, was disappointed in the live show, and let his opinion be known.
It’s another to spend an hour at home before the show carefully laying out your message in block lettering on a poster board, hauling it to the show and holding on to it through several opening bands, then finally uncorking it during the headline band’s set.

I guess it’s a bad analogy, but I keep picturing this guy going to a nice restaurant and walking back and forth in front of the kitchen with a sign saying, “Your meat loaf is bland and unsatisfying”.
The meat loaf is already cooked dude. Maybe the chef can make some adjustments on the next batch that might appease you, but this loaf is done.
What are you accomplishing beyond making him feel bad?

I guess I need to go back and read it again too, because it was a bit wordy and I’m not sure if the person was disappointed in the songs on the album, the sound of the album, or both.
Whatever his complaints are, it just seems to me to be a curious way to express them, and I’ve never seen it done that way before.
But, like I’ve said over and over in this blog, I love seeing things out here for the first time, so I guess I have to take the bad along with the good.

So congratulations dude with the poster. The band saw your sign. They even kept it.
But they took a vote in the dressing room after the show, and they’re not going to re-record, re-mix, or re-master the new album.
They seem to like it as it is.


Backstage With Baldy

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