Backstage with Baldy

Detroit – August 24th

It seems that lately I’ve only written about shenanigans happening off stage, so last night’s show outside of Detroit feels like a good place to acknowledge what’s happening onstage.

Alice In Chains is delivering some of the best shows of their career.

I’ve read some griping online in regards to the Uproar Festival, in that Alice’s set time is so short.

And that’s a legitimate complaint. But it’s also the nature of festivals. When you have 58 bands on the bill, set times get shortened.

So while it’s true that Alice’s headline slot is only in the 70 minute range, it’s a 70 minute musical hate crime against so much of what is prefabricated and lame in the live music industry at the moment.

Oops, am I sounding like a bitter old man who’s out of touch with what’s trending in popular music right now? Well I am.

And I like my guys better.

And they’re KILLING IT live.

The shows look huge, with video screens all over the place and platforms surrounding Sean’s drum kit.

There are microphones stationed all over the stage, so Jerry & William can sing from multiple locations.

And if you enjoy lights, we’ve got enough of those to make the stage look like Satan’s Christmas tree, so come on down!

And then of course there’s the music.

The band has been firing on all cylinders for months now.

Playing-wise, they’re as tight as ever. Vocally, William & Jerry are sounding amazing, and Mike & Sean are delivering a bottom end that will rattle your lower gastrointestinal tract to the point of feeling like a musical colonoscopy.

(Wow that’s gross)

Overall, it sounds like a tornado giving birth to a tsunami each night, and fans are loving it.

And without going into a rundown of the festival line-up band by band, I have to mention Jane’s Addiction.

Those guys are still at the top of their game.

I’ve managed to sneak away from my job (shhh, don’t tell the band) and catch some of their set a few times, and they remain a force to be reckoned with.

So as we come down the home stretch of summer, if you live in the trajectory of this tour, I strongly advise that you come down and check it out.

You’ll get out of the house for the evening, you’ll get some fresh air and sunshine, and if you stand close enough to the stage you might get a guitar pick, or at least get temporary tinnitus from the volume.

(It goes away. Trust me.)


Hope to see you soon…


Backstage With Baldy

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