Backstage with Baldy

Evansville – May 22nd

I won the leak pool.

Actually, nobody won the leak pool, which is in itself a win for the band.

The band played Evansville, Indiana on the 22nd of May, and the 21st ended up being the last date someone had picked in the leak pool.

So when we realized that nobody picked the correct date, we pulled out the trusty dice and had a roll-off to see who would take the money collected for the leak pool.

Over the course of the recording of the last two albums, we’ve wasted an ungodly amount of time and money in the studio rolling dice (and I’ve lost an ungodly amount of $$$).

Anyone out there wondering why it took so long for this record to be released knows the story of Jerry’s shoulder injury. Well, that’s true, but I’ve sat down and done the math, and this album would have been ready in February if we had just put the dice down back in the summer of 2012 and gotten to work.

Anyway, back to the present-day. We had 11 band & crew members entered in the pool, so we all gathered onstage after soundcheck to see who would win the pot.

Long story short; everyone sucked, I got lucky, and 55 dollars made its way into my wallet.

But to the bigger point: we’re one week out from the release date and the album hasn’t leaked. That’s pretty amazing in this day and age.


I started writing this in Evansville, and of course now it’s two days later, I’m finishing up writing in Lincoln Nebraska, and the record has leaked.

And oddly enough, there’s very little reaction in the camp. I think we were all so prepared for this to happen a week or more ago that as Sean said a last week, “I’m starting to wonder if anyone even wants it”.

Well, if you want it, it’s out there now. I’d like to think that most of you who read this are the kind of fans who will actually buy a physical copy or download the album legally.

It is what it is though, and all things considered, for a leak to happen only 5 days before the release (and 1 day before it hits some international markets) is pretty amazing.

Even more amazing is my 55 dollar haul, and title as the official Alice In Chains Leak Pool winner.

That’s going to buy a lot of truck stop Diet Mountain Dew…


Backstage With Baldy

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