Backstage with Baldy

Glasgow – November 14th

We were driving from the hotel to the gig when Sean & Jerry started reminiscing about the band’s first trip to Glasgow.
They were saying how it was standard practice for the fans back then to spit at the band if they liked them, and apparently Alice In Chains got spit on quite a bit when they visited. They recounted how Layne came out in a sweatshirt and cinched the hood up tight around his face to keep the target at a minimum, and Sean mentioned how some of the spitters even managed to hit him back behind his kit.
That’s disgusting, and I’m glad it doesn’t happen any more.
What other line of work gets you spat upon for doing a good job?
“Great sermon today Father. See you next Sunday” Haaawck spffftttt.
(I’m really not sure how to spell the sound of spitting)
Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve come close to getting pelted by Mike Inez spittle nearly every show.
That guy is like a human water sprinkler, and if I’m on his side of the stage I need to pay constant attention. He generally lets it fly straight up in the air, so he rarely hits anyone other than himself though, which is fine by me.

While Mike was on stage right playing bass and spitting, Jerry was over on stage left doing his thing while sporting a fashionable kilt.
And just like the last time we were here, Jerry wore his kilt the traditional way; underwear-free.
So a few of those folks down front got a little more than was advertised on their ticket.

And speaking of getting more, to those folks in Glasgow who got a five song encore: You’re welcome.
I like to think of myself as a humble individual who doesn’t like to point out my accomplishments and deeds, but this time I can’t deny it; I’m responsible for the encore being so long.
Because as usual, I typed up the set list.
I also suffered a brief but effective flash of amnesia as I was doing it, and left Again & Check My Brain out of the set.
One of the guys realized it during the encore break, and suddenly a three song encore became five songs.
And it kind of worked.
So yes, much like super glue, corn flakes, and the microwave, the five song encore was an accidental invention, and I was in charge of the laboratory when it happened.
Thankfully no one spit on me to show their appreciation…


Backstage With Baldy

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