Backstage with Baldy

Irvine – September 13th


1) A place, with people, objects, or events in it. Regarded as having a particular character or making a particular impression.

2) The place where an incident occurs or occurred

3) Backstage at the Uproar Festival, where several hundred of L.A.’s most beautiful and important citizens stood around looking beautiful and important while I tried to work.

L.A. is a scene, man.

And it’s not my scene.

If I come off sounding a bit agitated and annoyed, it’s only because I am.

It was literally a human slalom course trying to get from the dressing room area to the production office to the stage. Or to the buses, or catering, or second stage. Anywhere for that matter.

Everywhere you turned, there was someone there. Which is fine, and I understand that it’s an L.A. show and band guests will be all over, but damn, clear a path.

Pretty much every staff member of the festival and all of the bands and their respective crews out here had an unofficial secret handshake that day, which was to just roll your eyes and give an exasperated smile to whomever you were passing by.

Meanwhile, anyone who looked energetic and happy was obviously a guest, and those of us who have been out here for five weeks looked like mannequins from the Sack Of Crap store.

Imagine if you were a fireman and you were trying to get to the burning house, but it was surrounded by men in tight pants and ladies in cocktail dresses drinking wine and chatting, oblivious that they were at the scene of a fire.

That’s kind of what today felt like for me.

But the fire is out now, the beautiful people have moved on to the next event, and we’re heading to Phoenix.

Annoyance is temporary, and a killer rock show is forever.

And the Irvine show turned out great as far as what went down on stage, so I really shouldn’t dwell on the negative.

Yes, L.A. was a beatdown, as it usually is, but it’s over at least, and we can move on.

(With a whole lot fewer people in the way)


Backstage With Baldy

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