Backstage with Baldy

Lincoln – May 24th

The backstage area of the Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater looked a lot like a summer camp.

There were trees all over, a few walking trails, and our dressing room was one of three cabins behind the stage. I even saw a bunny rabbit at one point.

It felt a bit like being in the movie Meatballs, or possibly Friday The 13th, and I immediately deemed myself camp counselor.

All great summer camp movies have two of the counselors hooking up at some point, but considering it was just our trusty tour manager Chuck & myself in counselor positions, I’m happy to say that I walked away from camp a single and unattached man.

I decided to dub our dressing room “Camp Phantom Limb”, and once the band showed up the jokes started flying, with discussions about macaroni art, canoe races, weenie roasts, and of course Jason Vorhees.

Camp Phantom Limb was located on the other side of some tall bushes about 100 feet from the stage.

There are benefits to having the dressing room in close proximity to the stage and catering, but then again it can be a huge detriment once the opening acts start performing.

Our dressing room cabin had single pane windows and exposed wood rafters.

Here’s how that translates in mathematical terms:

Single pane windows + exposed wood rafters x 100 decibels of amplified rock = OHMYGOD. MAKEITSTOP!!!!!

It really doesn’t matter how good the band is. It could have been Led Zeppelin rattling our cabin and I’d still want it to end.

But there’s just something about sitting in a cabin in the woods that’s kind of relaxing, even as you’re getting your spine realigned by the sheer volume of the opening acts.

By mid evening Camp Phantom Limb was full of band and crew members, and we all gathered around in the main dressing room area and started swapping stories.

Basically like gathering around the campfire, but indoors, without a campfire, and with Bullet For My Valentine threatening to shatter the windows.

For sheer entertainment value, you can’t do much better than to sit in the middle of a group of dudes who have toured all over the world with a wide variety of artists over the years.

Obviously I can’t relay anything to you here, but the six degrees of separation is actually about 1 degree in this business, so pick a name out of the rock hat, and someone we know has worked for them, and has a handful of good stories about them.

So after shooting the breeze for a while (which included our one degree of separation from the Killer Dwarfs), it was time for everyone to get to work, so camp closed down, the band took the stage, and some of Nebraska’s finest rock fans earned their merit badges.

I can’t wait to come back next summer…


Backstage With Baldy

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