Backstage with Baldy

Miami – April 25th

Recent studies have shown that prolonged sitting can decrease your life expectancy up to two years.
Does this mean I’m blaming the members of Alice In Chains for literally stripping two years off of my life while I sat on my ass waiting to go back on tour?
I guess so, yes.
But years from now when I’m lying in my prematurely reached deathbed, I’ll have plenty of pleasant memories to look back on, including the first stop of the 2013 tour in Miami.

Our flight arrived at Miami International Airport late Tuesday night, and as the passengers got off of the plane, a horde of eager fans waited in the terminal with cameras and publicity photos to be signed.
A few steps into the terminal and the mob descended…and rushed past the members of Alice In Chains to get to Al Pacino, who was also on our flight from Los Angeles to Miami.
There’s nothing like a big fat slice of humble pie slapped in your face to begin a tour.

Then again, I’m sure there were plenty of Alice In Chains fans that would have shoved Al aside to get to Mike & the boys at the Fillmore Theater Thursday.

As is usually the case when a band fires up a tour after an extended break, there are new crew guys to break in, a couple of new songs to break in, and a fresh new wardrobe of black clothing to break in.
And with that being said, I’m required as the band’s paid lackey to report that everything was broken in real nice, as they sounded great, looked great, and the crowd was great.
(Wow. That’s a lot of greatness. I promise to find a different superlative to describe things as the tour rolls forward)

And my favorite part of the show? The guy down front who screamed for the band to play Check My Brain…about fifteen minutes after they played Check My Brain.

And so it begins (again)…


Backstage With Baldy

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