Backstage with Baldy

Mt. Pleasant – August 20th

I’ve seen the song Rooster evoke a lot of emotions and responses in people, but last night in Mt. Pleasant was a first.

It had been a great show, held outdoors next to the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort.
Earlier in the day we were pounded with heavy rains for a while, but things had calmed down and the weather had been fairly nice the rest of the day.
Monster Truck & Buckcherry both played great sets, and the crowd was fired up by the time Alice In Chains took the stage.
I used to think it was a Detroit thing, but it turns that Michigan in general just has great rock music fans.
Every time we come here the crowds are awesome, and Mt. Pleasant was no different.
The fans were screaming, and singing along, and just having a great time.
I watched the crowd a lot during the show, and was fixated for a while on one woman who was somehow managing to hold a beer in each hand while still throwing the horns. I thought that was kind of impressive.

But even more impressive was one man’s behavior during Rooster.
As I mentioned before, Rooster gets people fired up. That’s why it’s so often the very last song of the set.
People rock out, they sing along, they pump their fists in the air. I’ve even seen people cry.
It’s a great song with powerful lyrics, and it means something to a lot of people.
But I’ve never seen it stir up lust before.
Until last night in Mt. Pleasant.

There was a guy about 4 rows back, and he must have been in his 50’s I’d guess.
And he was there with his wife or girlfriend.
I hadn’t even noticed them up until that point, but as the house lights went up during the chorus, I couldn’t help but observe that he was feeling her up pretty seriously.
And he wasn’t just sneaking in a little squeeze, he was really getting in there and checking out the merchandise.
It was like watching an old lady buying fruit at the grocery store. There was lots of squeezing and rubbing and inspecting.
It was just a full-on grope session, and to be honest, I was getting a bit uncomfortable watching. And yet I couldn’t look away.
Even more amazing was her response.
There was none.
She just stood there watching the show like nothing out of the ordinary was going on.
Meanwhile he’s pawing away at her upper torso like he was out in the driveway waxing the car.

To be honest, as weird as it is, stuff like that really makes my day.
And what a day it was.
So thanks again Michigan.
You consistently have some of the best (and horniest) fans in North America.
Now go get a room…


Backstage With Baldy

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