Backstage with Baldy

Vienna – July 9th

I’m fascinated by the human brain, and for the sake of this write-up, the subconscious stuff in particular.

What got me thinking about this was a dream I had last night, and what might have caused it.

Since things got up and running again back in 2006, there hasn’t been a single leg of any tour where I haven’t had a dream about Layne, which is what happened again last night.

Usually they’re very sad, and sometimes they’re just kind of random and weird.

But the point is, being on tour with this band always triggers a Layne dream (or two) in me.

I was talking to a fan of the band backstage at Knebworth last week and he asked about Layne.

He was a bit nervous asking because he thought it might be a touchy subject, but I’m always happy to talk about Layne, as long as the conversation is respectful and not too personal.

Stories of Layne and Mike Starr pop up a lot out here on the road as well.

Something will trigger a memory, then one of us will recount an old story and someone else will pipe in with another recollection.

I love it when that happens, because the tragedy of how things ended tends to overshadow the public’s perception of Layne & Mike’s lives.

But for those of us who were there in the early days, we had an immense amount of good times and fun, and that’s important to remind ourselves of, even if the general public never hears about it.

I know it’s been a long time since we lost Layne, and it doesn’t seem like three years since Mike passed away.

Life continues to move on, and it’s not always easy.

One of life’s great misfortunes is when you lose a loved one before their time.

As Jerry once said, the best you can hope for is to find a way to pick up the pieces and move forward.

I would give anything to have Layne & Mike here with us today, but that’s not the reality we’re living with, and given the circumstances, I’m glad that Sean & Jerry & Mike have picked up the pieces and continued on.

I think it’s cool that Sean has LSMS painted on his kick drum, and I think it’s great that Jerry mentions Mike & Layne at virtually every concert they play.

Part of the tremendous blessing of this band having a second life is the opportunity to keep a light shined on two very special people who helped start it all.

So I don’t mind the dreams when they come, regardless of how sad or melancholy they make me.

It also helps to have a forum where I can vent a little, and remind everyone who reads this that Layne and Mike are never forgotten, and always in our thoughts.

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Backstage With Baldy

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