Backstage with Baldy

Yokohama – March 9th

Sometimes you just never know what you’re gonna get on a day off.

We had our final day off on this leg of the tour in Tokyo, and band and crew teamed up, paired up, or split up and went out exploring the city.

I hooked up with Sean and we jumped on a train and headed from our hotel to the Akihabara district, where we strolled around like gawking tourists and eventually got brave enough to have lunch at a ramen restaurant with no English on the menu (it was amazing!).

We happened to run into Mike & his tech while we were roaming around, and then the four of us decided to get back on the train and head to Tokyo’s huge Shibuya shopping district.

We walked a round a bit more, then we split up again so Mike could go record shopping and Sean could look for clothes.

By this time we’d been out for several hours, and I was beginning to fade a bit.

This feeling of sapped energy was only exacerbated (big word) by the fact that on the list of things I don’t want to do with another dude, clothes shopping is definitely in the top 10.

So I told Sean I was taking off, he reminded me what stop our hotel was at, and I made my way back to the station.

A few stops later I got off the train, and the adventure began.

You would think that exiting a subway train and getting back outside would be fairly effortless. Think again. Considering that all of the station signs were posted in Japanese and English, I don’t think I was out of line in expecting to see a clearly marked exit sign. Nope.

It took me nearly 10 minutes of walking around like a chump before I finally made my way out of the station.

And I realized immediately that nothing was familiar.

And my iphone map feature wasn’t working.

And I was lost.

So I took off heading north. Wrong.

I spun around after about 15 minutes and gave south a try. Wrong.

East? Wrong.

That left west, and west was right.

(I actually have no clue whether I was going north, west, east, or south. It was just a series of rights and lefts as far as I was concerned).

You know that cliché about the dopey white guy who drives around endlessly looking for his destination, instead of just pulling over and asking for directions?

I’m that guy.

So I walked around like a dumbass for over an hour until I got lucky and the map app came to life just in time to guide me home.

Meanwhile, Sean was back in Shibuya still looking around when he was approached not once, but twice (TWICE!!) by modeling scouts.


Sean’s a good looking guy I suppose (If skinny middle aged fellas with wispy hair and a nose ring are your thing), but that’s really not the point.

As he said himself in the dressing room at the gig when he was recounting the story, “What, I’m gonna be an almost 50 year old underwear model?”

Like I mentioned earlier; you never know what you’re gonna get on a day off.

So whether you get lost on the streets like me, or approached by modeling scouts like Sean, as long as you end up with a story to tell, it’s a win.

And one more thing. After I conveyed my story of getting lost to the guys in the dressing room before the show, Sean piped up and admitted that he’d told me the wrong station to get off at.

That’s not the kind of behavior I’d expect from a male model.

Oh yeah, the show in Yokohama was really great. It was in a small club, and the audience was incredible.

Lets hope the final show here is just as good, and I don’t get lost on my way there.




Backstage With Baldy

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