Find the Neon Signs 

Find the Neon Signs 

Recently, Alice in Chains filmed the music video for “Voices” in their hometown of Seattle.  As part of the video, neon signs of the song’s lyrics were placed throughout the city in some places that are special to the guys.  Find one or all of the signs and post a photo of the sign to Instagram, tagging #AICVOICES for a chance to have your photo featured on  Signs can be found at the locations below:

Mama’s Mexican Kitchen – “I want more than I need”
The Crocodile – “Dreaming’s free”
The Comet – “Used to stand where I kneel”
Super Genius Tattoo – “Voices in my head”
The Central Saloon above memorial shrine – “Everybody listen”
The Central – “Who am I is this me”
The Crocodile – “I don’t know what is real”

Stay tuned for the premiere of the official “Voices” video, coming soon.

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